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IT Rollout - We make it possible

Everything an IT rollout needs

Die Glühbirne

Rollout takes place in every industry

The term rollout comes from English and means something like market launch or start of delivery. Efficiency, performance and optimized processes are the key to a successful business process. New processes and work requirements are accompanied by new technologies, which are constantly changing. And in the age of modern digitization, the term IT rollout describes the replacement of old hardware and software with new ones.


Exploit full potential

We successfully carried out our first rollouts more than 10 years ago. We have learned from experience how variable each rollout can be and which process is best suited to meet technological change. We adapt to each rollout, whether it should take place at night, on the weekend or during normal working hours. Expertise, planning and professional implementation makes HFS unique. Discover us. Discovered HFS. Discover opportunities. 

Modernes Gebäude

We also support other IT system houses

We now even plan, coordinate and advise external companies on the implementation of successful rollout projects. This includes established IT system houses that need support with both coordination and recruitment. 

We also provide efficient hardware inventory logistics and timely delivery. 

Are you already in the project?

Our experience has shown that a high demand for additional resources can also arise within the project. Sudden staff shortages, logistical deficits or delivery bottlenecks can affect the project. In such cases, HFS-Solutions is there for you quickly, creatively and incredibly flexibly. 



We provide you with suitable and professional staff, because we have an exceptionally talented pool of professionals. Ready to work.


Training of employees

The employees are trained by experienced staff with regard to the new hardware and software so that the operational process can continue to run smoothly.


Hardware and software provision

We provide the appropriate hardware and software so that the focus remains on the essential aspects of the rollout.

Hand, die eine Pflanze

Disposal of old hardware for a clean environment

We make sure that after the sustainable installation, the old hardware devices are also disposed of sustainably.



Logistics and space are important factors for an orderly process. Everything should come in its time and be properly stored until then.


Planning and advice

Together we can talk about bottlenecks or failures and find a solution as quickly as possible.

POS cash register systems

HFS-Solutions is your full service partner

An IT rollout of point-of-salePOS systems can restrict day-to-day operations and are associated with many challenges. Also for the employees. No problem for us. We are your full-service partner when it comes to POS systems.

Even with larger branch networks

​Through our rollout experience, which we have even carried out successfully and efficiently throughout Europe, we know all the important factors. We are able to serve multiple locations and, for retail solutions, carry out planning and installation tailored to your requirements. POS systems, barcode scanners, monitors, receipt printers, customer displays, EC devices, scales and many other modernizations or maintenance can be integrated across the board through efficient and reliable deployment planning at different locations.

We also train your employees afterwards

For day-to-day operations, it is important that employees are also competently trained in how to use the new systems. This aspect is also very important to us, because the employees need security in the application and a good feeling.

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