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Why Humans For Humans?

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

We support the charity Humans for Humans, whose initiative helps to actively help people in need and create new perspectives. No complicated processes, but creative and efficient ideas have already contributed to new opportunities and support for people in need in the past.

At Hfs, we share its values and morals in the world because people always come first. Man and ensuring his well-being in the world are not second highest priorities, they are the only priorities.
A portion of sales goes to Humans for Humans each year. As Hfs, we don't want to boast about this, but rather give food for thought and, as a company, represent certain values more strongly to the outside world. We are part of the solution. A specialty of Hfs-Solutions. We believe in the well-being of every individual.

We support that

5 projects

4000 meals donated

well bornaut

1 school set up

1 orphanage set up


The vision

At a time when injustice and conflict are fueling uncertainty, wir believe that each and every one of us can change the world for the better. We imagine a world in which poverty has been conquered and everyone has fair development opportunities.

Silhouette mit Bergen

Donate now for people in need, because you too are part of this earth and humanity. Let's support each other. That's what humanity is.


The mission

Our experience has shown that a lack of transparency from various charities has led to distrust. This distrust causes people not to donate, which in turn means that others are not helped. We see our mission in helping to give people the opportunity again through trust, transparency and sustainability. Humans for Humans identifies sustainable projects in the poorest regions of the world to give people there the opportunity to help themselves.


Our goals

What are our goals? Very easily. Do good with integrity, sustainability and transparency. We want to support people in need with education and care.

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Curious? You can find more information and details about the individual projects on the Humans for Humans homepage. You can donate there too

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