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Meet The Team

Our history, employees and customers.

HFS-Solutions is a rapidly growing company with a clear goal: We are your reliable IT partner. We take your IT personally and believe in giving back to our customers and community. Our team works hand in hand to unleash the full potential of your IT. We take care of your IT.

Professional and always available. The experienced and reliable IT partner at your side.


Our history

The Corona crisis resulted in the plan to place both companies and freelancers and to use every enthusiastic specialist. During this time there were many hurdles and problems to overcome. Entrepreneur Mehriz Fezzani took on the problem of the labor market in the IT sector and started to solve it. 


Over time, the success in terms of successful projects resulted from our IT experts, who have already proven through experience, talent and especially through curiosity that we can do more than just mediate. Thanks to our success story, expertise and skills, we have become an IT system house. Our services range from IT rollouts to software development.

Our team

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